When powder coating automotive parts, we are very meticulous about the work involved with preparing the metal to accept powder. The condition of the metal, crevice clearances, the quality of the fabrication, tubing size, etc. dictate the type of preparation involved. Ultimately, when the preparation is done properly, the final product is pristine, and durable.

From restoring custom rims, bumpers and chassis, to powder coating directly over newly purchased chrome parts, we have a wide range of colors and textures to choose from. We work directly with the powder manufacturers to color match to existing body parts and components.



Now the largest gate and fence powder coater in Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino County. We now offer pick up and delivery twice a week (Monday and Thursday). Please contact us to schedule pick up today!

We can accommodate just about any size project ranging from small aluminum shower frames to large construction projects.



From rusty old lawn chairs and patio tables to tractor parts and garden tools, we have the ability to restore what is normally thrown away into custom matching colors and textures that brighten up your yard and pool area.



Custom Coatings came about as a result of a requirement for large production levels of aluminum castings to be powder coated. Once Custom Coatings was underway, we were approached by other large production facilities to powder coat and apply high temp liquid paint to Polaris exhaust systems, inspection equipment, and iron work.

Custom Coatings has since expanded into a full service organization. We now powder coat for some of the largest companies in our surrounding area.